This might be one of the simplest post but i guess it is worth to note these details…

Developers tend to forget simple things during the application development and one of the most ignored aspect is the “Installer”. Installation issues are pretty common and quite irritating. An installation failure would leave some traces of the product in the machine which wouldnt let the product to get installed again on the machine.

There are multiple places where a product might leave its traces.

1. %Program Files% folder : Go to this folder and delete all the files/folders related to the application that are of no use.

2. %temp% folder: This normally doesnt create any problem. But its good to delete them too.

3. Services : The installation might create a service and we will have no way of unistalling it as the uninstaller wouldnt have got copied. Fortunately windows provides a command line utility with which you can create or delete a service.

For deleting a service, Open the command prompt and type “sc delete <service name>”.

Now u can guess the command to create a service. Yes!! it would be “sc create <service name>”. Pretty interesting utility.

4. Registry: This is another place and you need to be very careful while working on the registry. Run a find for the Key words that are unique to product on the registry and delete those keys.

A reboot after these steps would be helpful.